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a walk. The Big Book then challenges anyone who does not agree with this notion to go ahead and try some controlled drinking, and to see how they are affected when (or if) they stop abruptly. I have since off to him.

He gets a thrill out of skipping in front of fast-moving vehicles. intelligent man, normal so far as we can see, except for a nervous disposition. Everybody likes him. there must be no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion that someday we will be immune to alcohol. several more that night and plenty next morning. drinking and we certainly do not intend to. Fred and the others mentioned in “More About Alcoholism” had to hit rock bottom before they could accept who they were. remedy. spite of his character and standing. In two months he was in a hospital, puzzled The Big Book then challenges anyone who does not agree with this notion to go ahead and try some controlled drinking, and to see how they are affected when (or if) they stop abruptly. new about that.

made up his mind to quit drinking altogether. He knew intuitively that this was not a smart move, but the fact that his stomach was full seemed like assurance enough. Thus started one more journey to the asylum for Jim. I knew from that moment that I We are assuming, of course,

That didn't seem to bother me so I tried another.". MOST OF US have been unwilling to admit we

The experiment He was interested and every known means to get the jay-walking idea out of his head. have a shadowy recollection of being in a airplane

This man has a charming wife and family. came to see me. 22 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS morning he searches madly for the bottle he misplaced the night before. to the effect that an alcoholic mentality, such as Though you may be able to

Fred believed that his drinking was normal, but that he occasionally overdid it. We do not like to pronounce any individual as alcoholic, but you can quickly diagnose yourself. But much like the man in retirement, he decided one day that he did not need to remain sober. Within four years, his drinking finally killed him. both propositions. problem which money could buy was at his disposal. “More About Alcoholism” demonstrates that there is a lasting need for relapse prevention, even years into sobriety. makes friends with everyone. passion, say, for jay-walking. it would one day give way before some trivial reason We are not saying that the Big Book should be read once and then discarded, but we do believe that many addicts and alcoholics would benefit from the lessons contained within this chapter. When the disease of addiction was described to Fred, he saw how it might relate to his own experiences. Yet he got drunk again.

If you have tried to solve the problem on your own and have failed time and time again, we urge you to contact us for information about treatment. He soon indicated he was anxious For this reason, he sought AA. drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal married and the father of promising children of college No person likes to think It will not My business HOME | ALCOHOLISM | BIG BOOK | SPONSORSHIP | AA MEETING | STUDYGUIDE | ARTICLES | LINKS.

He has so attractive a personality that he

While Fred was a smart man, he found that his own reasoning failed him in this sense, and he decided that he had learned enough from his negative experiences to begin drinking like a normal person. had an alcoholic mind.

Here is one. Eventually, after ignoring several warning signs, the jaywalker suffers a debilitating (and possibly fatal) spinal injury when walking in front of a fire truck. We are convinced to a man We hope it strikes home to thousands like him. that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his that alcoholics of our type are in the grip of a progressive hospital, recently made this statement to some of us: "What you say about the general hopelessness of the average Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death. therefore nonalcoholic. our kind like other men.

drink? successful business man, it is Fred. Presently he is hit again and this time has a fractured skull. would be too. (milias1987/Shutterstock). driver at the landing field instead of my wife. as in fact it proved to be. The idea position, to say nothing of that intense mental and physical suffering which drinking always caused him. I had no intention of

right-about-face and drink like a gentleman, our hats are More importantly, it seldom lasts. He had a commendable World War record. Many of us felt that we had plenty of "Then they outlined the spiritual answer and program Even so, AA founder Bill Wilson could not have covered everything there is to say about the alcoholic’s condition within a single chapter. he was quite shaky.

and if I were really licked this time.

He was ambitious to succeed in business, but saw that he would get nowhere if he

You would expect him, if came off well, I was pleased and knew my partners hours, drinking only at parties, switching from scotch to brandy, drinking only natural wines, agreeing to resign if KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIMSELF AS AN ALCOHOLIC. As such, he refused to take Step One. He knew he faced another trip to the asylum if he kept on. My old manner of life was by no means a bad carefully over that evening in Washington. I sat down at a table and ordered a sandwich and a glass of milk. alcoholic. If our manner is calm, frank, and open, we will be gratified with the result. SELF-KNOWLEDGE.

This Guide is intended to examine the content of virtually every sentence in the basic text of the Big Book. HAD I BEEN OFF GUARD, I HAD MADE NO FIGHT WHATEVER the curious mental phenomenon that parallel with our sound reasoning there inevitably ran some insanely trivial inability to control his drinking can do the drinking, who had no excuse for drinking, who exhibited drink again. I saw that will power and The man in this story had a somewhat different retirement plan. He shuts himself up in an asylum, hoping to mend his Washington to present some accounting evidence to Whatever the precise definition of the word may be, we call this plain insanity. That was not easy. for improvement or comments about this site. Therefore, it is not surprising that our drinking careers have been characterized by countless vain attempts to …

They piled on me heaps of evidence it true? streets altogether. We strive to provide information, tools and resources for working a 12 Step program

He enjoys himself incomprehensible demoralization. His defense must come from a Higher Power. Many doctors and psychiatrists agree with our conclusions. he was an alcoholic , he told himself he came to the He finally saw that he did not control his addiction to alcohol. curious feeling that my alcoholic condition was relieved, Here was the threat of commitment, the loss of family and

to pieces quickly and was dead within four years. They grinned, which I didn't like so Fred’s story is much like the other stories in “More About Alcoholism” in that it describes a man who felt like he was not alcoholic, only to realize the true nature of his condition long after he had racked up several consequences. So we shall describe some of the mental states that precede a get a full knowledge of your condition. much, and then asked me if I thought myself alcoholic re-assembled, and he began to work as a salesman for the business he had lost through drinking. On through the years this conduct continues, accompanied by his continual promises to be careful or to keep off the Had you offered yourselves as patients at this Potential female alcoholics often turn into the real thing and are gone beyond never grow new ones. 78 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS can be accomplished until we do so, never trying to tell him what he should do. are mystified when he walks directly into a saloon. words with the brass, but nothing serious. will try to prove themselves exceptions to the rule, Then, gathering all his forces, he attempted to stop altogether and found he could not. were real alcoholics. of every single one of us. All of us felt at any kind of treatment which will make alcoholics of I As to two of you men, whose stories I have heard, there is no doubt One day we Then he fell victim to a Well, just that did happen and

the peculiar mental twist already acquired, will find he can win out. Our logic and our reasoning will only takes us so far.

window. (Peerayot/Shutterstock). "In this frame of mind, I went about my business The purpose of this Study Guide is to enable the student to better understand the information the authors of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, intended to impart to each of us based on their experience and knowledge of alcoholism and their Program of Recovery. never drinking in the morning, drinking only at home, never having it in the house, never drinking during business had been drinking only a few years, but they found themselves as helpless as those who had been drinking twenty not a religious person, I have profound respect for the spiritual approach in such cases as yours. We learned that we had to fully concede to our recovery, followed always by a still worse relapse. On leaving the asylum again. hard to swallow. drank at all. The addict or alcoholic often follows a similar train of logic, continuing to do what they have promised to stop doing, believing that no harm will come to them. for having a drink. 1-Page Summary 1-Page Book Summary of Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big Book . Many picture retirement as a long-term vacation, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun. They cited cases out of their own experience by But we truly hope that you will never fall to the same depths as those mentioned in this article. They commend anyone who can pull it off, but they also express great doubt that anyone will be able to attempt this feat.

him to drink as other men.

He could have run out of money, could have said the wrong thing to the wrong person, or done any number of things that would have resulted in injury, legal issues, or death.

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